Did you make new year resolutions? If you did how are you holding up? Do you feel like the excitement of the new beginning of a year and the transition to a new you is wearing off already?

Keeping your resolutions or any commitment is a mental training. Of course massive action is necessary, no progress without action, for sure. But getting into the right mindset and keeping it in the right gear is the real challenge.

Think of this: let’s say you want to loose weight. You got your diet all figured out, got a gym membership, toke out all the bad food, filled the fridge with great colorful vegetables, lean meatsĀ  and so on, and so fort. You tell your friend your going to loose weight and there is always one, who seems to be the ‘expert’ with a ton of advice on what is good for you and what is bad for you.

Still that person does not seem to be able to apply their own talk into their own walk.

So knowledge on how to get to your goals, is one thing. Actually keeping your actions focused and persistent is the challenge. It is not about buying stuff and hopla, you get to your destination. You need to stay on the road into the right direction.


So how to stay persistent every day?

1 it really helps to write it down. Old fashion style on paper with a real pen, your goals, every day.

2 sit still and contemplate/ meditate on what it will mean for you to stay in the game. What obstacles will you face today? People who say you can not do it? A party where all the stuff that will tempt you is presented? Focus on how you will deal with these situation on fore hand. See yourself staying calm and making the right decision. It is okay in your moment of silence to feel excited by the thought of seeing your self make the right choices in difficult situation. That is where empowerment starts and how you get to the finish line.Anticipate on the obstacles.

3 at the end of the day, write down your victories! your strong points. Where did the road bend and what did you do to take the right decisions?


Stay focused on what you want. Stay on the wheel and enjoy the ride!