If you are on your journey of becoming strong, in all possible ways, your body, financially, and mentally, you will find what indeed makes you a stronger person. But that is not enough, you also have to look deep into your self and figure out what makes you weaker, what is your kryptonite?
Take a good look at your behavior, what do you reach for when you feel uncomfortable? What do you do at the end of a bad busy day? Comfort food? A glass of wine? A good soak in the tub? Not all matters are bad straight away. This post is meant for you to deeply look into you behavior and mark those treads that connect to your weaker treads, your personal kryptonite.

Also let’s look at the other end of your emotional spectrum. What do you reach for when you did a good job, when you feel like having a celebration with yourself? Wine, comfort food, cigarette? Chances are it might be the same as you use in bad emotional states.

Isn’t it funny how we reach for the same poison of choice for getting into our comfort zone as well as reward for good things done?

I learned this while I was on my way of quitting cigarettes. A bad bad habit, that thought me some valuable stuff about my behavior.
When I got nervous, I longed for a smoke. If I got angry, smoke. When some good news arrived, smoke.

It was only then that I viewed my cigarettes as those bad friends you don’t want your kids to play with. Or like those bad friends, you just know when you hang out with them nothing good is going to come from you and you will go down a path that goes only down if you keep joining these friends.

And those muggers keep calling you, “Hey you got a bad day, come here and hang out with us!” “Oh poor thing, nobody understands you, come over and hang out with us. We understand you” “Yeah, well done, come over and celebrate, you are a rock star!”

Yes, they kept on calling me… Until the day I decided I did not want to play with them. My cigarettes understood my emotions for sure, yet I was better and not willing to drag me down any more.
I quit…

Soon I saw, this same behavior came up, in my relation with food. Food is good, we need it..Yet as fuel or repair. Not for comfort.. Coming clear on this, I found I had new kryptonite disguised as something good.

So I hope you understand more about you behavior for the better you. Make decisions about what is making you feel comfortable. Will it make your stronger, better, faster or will it do the opposite?
Get stronger every day, day by day.

For those who wonder: what de hell is kryptonite? It is the stuff that weakened Superman..