When we think of happiness, it conjures up different ideas our minds and feelings as well. For some people it means one thing and to others something else. Happiness is a personal thing to each person and what they define it to be according to their lives. What you may perceive to be as happiness may actually be disturbing and a source of unhappiness to another.

Basically how one views happiness is based one’s life, values and lifestyle. Our perception of happiness for others may not be how they perceive it for themselves. If you believe going to parties makes your happy it may do so for you but not necessarily your friend. Your friend may actually prefer to stay home and watch movies for happiness. No one can dictate to another what they should do for their happiness. The exception would be a person who derives their happiness from physically or emotionally harming other people that don’t want to be hurt. No one has the right to harm another for happiness when the other does not consent to it. And if the person consents out of fear then thats not free will either. That is self preservation. Even self destructive people under the guise of happiness who only harm themselves have a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

By definition happiness is defined as a state of mind and being. This state includes a feelings of being content, love, satisfaction, joy and or pleasure. This definition does not include people who harm either themselves or others in the name of happiness. First of all, if one harms another person either physically or mentally for no good reason and the other person is not consenting to it there is something really wrong with that picture. Normal people do not consent to being abused or hurt either physically or emotionally. In this case the person doing the hurting has a serious problem and their definition of happiness is definitely distorted to say the least. In this case the person who has an obvious problem needs immediate help either from a professional or a law enforcer. This is even more serious if the other party they are inflicting harm on is not a consenting adult. This persons behavior needs to be addressed immediately they are a danger under the guise of happiness.

It is hard to exact the attributes of happiness because they are socially and culturally defined. Happiness is interpreted by people based on where they live in the world. An example would be going to the beach in some parts of the world and other parts going skiing. Despite location there are some universal characteristics of happiness. It is the Universal consensus that happiness is indeed premised on the idea of having positive emotions. The same positive emotions permeate the person beings and reflects in their life as such. Throughout the world people agree on these three things as the foundation of happiness; pleasure, engagement and having a life that is meaningful with purpose by their definition. It is a unanimous idea that we all need to feel pleasure, be engaged and interact with others and have a life that we feel is worthwhile to be happy.

Image courtesy of moggara12/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net