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Meditation is something that has been around for ages literally. Even though there are no documented records for proof of the exact date, a lot of ancient civilizations did become known for being practitioners of the art of meditation that is practiced today by so many. So where are the origins of meditation?

India is mainly the most prominent of all countries, which is known for being the user of meditation, more so as a organized practice. For several centuries, there have been a number of Hindi scholars that have written about the subject of meditation, and what they have written on did range from exactly how to do it to the benefits that go along with it. Two of the very best known of all Hindi texts on meditation were no other than the Vedas and the Yogas Sutras by Patanjali.

However, without a doubt, it cannot be disputed that one of the most influential of all people in the world of meditation is no other than Siddharta Gautama. Siddharta Gautama was also known by the name of Buddha. During the period of 500 BC, he was able to achieve great enlightenment by practicing meditation, and his influence spread greatly over Asia and the rest of the world.

It’s very true that the East had been practicing the art of meditation long before the West did, and the West didn’t pick up on meditation, until a long while later. It wasn’t until the middle of the twentieth century when the Western World did adopt meditation and make it popular as a practice in their lives.

Today, there are tons of meditation centers, as well as organizations popping up all over the West. Meditation is something that has successfully intertwined itself with lots of religious practices. However, in the West, these meditation centers and organizations don’t have that spiritual aspect at all, something which is very sad. Westerners do tend to put their focus on the health benefits more so than anything else. This is because of the fast paced reality of the world today.

Nonetheless, even though there is a loss from the spiritual side of meditation, it is still highly recognized for its rewards where people’s mental health well being is concerned. This is, and still manages to be, one of the top aspects when it comes to meditation.

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