Happiness_2There are two basic notions about where happiness stems from. One idea is that happiness comes from things outside of ourselves. In this case happiness comes from external sources like prosperity. These people do not view happiness as an emotion that emanates from within ourselves. The other premise is that happiness starts with us on the inside. How we feel and view our lives is what promotes the beginning of our happiness. It is felt with this idea that if you are not happy inside within yourself first how can you be happy with anything else.

We find that some religious and philosophical thinkers view happiness as a state of being resulting from having what is considered a ŠĆ╝ood life? It’s safe to say what one thinks is a good life is what is the essence of happiness. People who view happiness this way tend to see happiness as a state in which we experience things in abundance and doing well. Other religious and philosophical thinkers however do feel that happiness stems from an internal state of being. They feel that without it coming from our psyche’s first; happiness cannot manifest for us in the world.

Now psychologists theorize that happiness is based on one’s state of mind. If one’s mind is positive and we function as such we tend to have happiness in our lives. They also believe that if we are negative in mindset and don’t function at our best we will not happy in our lives. Science also believes that happiness manifests because our biological reactions chemically in the body induce the state of happiness.

It is hard to pinpoint exact causes of happiness because happiness is relative to each person. Happiness is based on their perception of what happiness is and means to them personally. What there is a consensus about is the fact that regardless of where one is in the world; there are some general characteristics of happiness that are universal in nature. It seems that regardless of where a person lives in the world everyone agrees that being happy is based on positive emotions. Those emotions spread from the person into their life based on the person’s cultural and social definition of happiness. The three characteristics that everyone universally agrees is a factor of happiness without dispute is pleasure, engagement and having a life that is considered purposeful.

What this means is that regardless of what the pleasure is as defined socially and culturally by a person everyone wants some form pleasure to be happy . In terms of engagement humans by nature are social creatures and need other human contact and relationships to thrive. People also have to feel their life is worth something and that their life is meaningful by standards of their society to make them feel worthwhile. Without these three ingredients its hard for a person to have happiness.

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