Happiness_3There are some things that we can do to help make us happy. Happiness for the most part is a state of mind that our bodies reinforce. When we are happy our bodies produce biochemicals to help us maintain our happy mood. There are general things that regardless of where we live in the world we all recognize as components of happiness. How we promote our personal happiness is subjective based on what we personally feel happiness is to us.

Besides our personality factors; studies have shown that the aspects that we can control in our lives to be happy play about 10 to 15 percent of the happiness equation. Things that go into this percentage category include ; economics, education and looks among other things. These things we do have some kind of control over even if it’s just marginal. And when we reinforce these things positively in ourselves they increase our sense of happiness.

In terms of economics, it is apparent that those with money in general are happier that those that are poor. It’s a no brainer to know that when you have ample funds you have more free time to enjoy your spare time. When you have money you can pay for things to enhance your happiness as well as activities that make you happy. People with money don’t have to worry about a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs and their families, nor things like warm clothes in the winter. Poverty is not a happy state to be in especially in a country where everything is based on a dollar value. With that being said, there are those with money who still are not happy. They need drugs and alcohol to stimulate a happy mood. Money still does not buy real love or real friends.

Worldwide the things people find as a source of happiness are love, sex and doing activities like listening to their favorite music. These things have nothing to do with finances. It is also found that doing happy activities like watching a comedy or a funny activity makes one happy for that time. Funny shows and activities; these types of things don’t create a lasting happiness.

It is suggested to create that 10 to 15 percent people need to keep themselves happy. Things one can do for that percentage is developing good social skills, getting married or living together with their significant other and having a life that is meaningful and purposeful to them. When you have good social skills you can make and keep friends. Research shows that those that are married or in a loving committed living together situation have 30% more quality sex that is enjoyed than their single counterparts. When we have a life that we feel is meaningful and has a purpose to us it makes us feel good. When we have a meaningful life we feel good about ourselves and that makes us feel that people feel good about what we are doing as well. Finally regardless of our circumstances if we can have some kind of positivity to draw from to keep us going daily we can create even a little happiness which can help go a long way.

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