EconomicsMoney can buy the sexual act but it cannot buy love or happiness. In one study conducted which used a random sampling of 1600 Americans there was a strong relation between happiness and sex. The same study also indicated that one’s economic status did not determine a person having more sex or partners if one had more money. The study concluded that the typical American had sexual relations as in intercourse 2 to 3 times a month. It also showed that married couples that are monogamous have more sex than single people.

Another study was conducted by two economists David G. Blanchflower and Andrew J. Oswald of the National Bureau of Economic Research and printed in paper # 10499 Issued in May 2004. Their findings included a correlation between education, economical earnings and sex. First and foremost they found that those with higher education were happier with having sex in general. They also concluded that people were happiest with just one partner on a steady basis. An interesting find in this study was that those that increased their sexual activity from once a month to once a week raised their happiness levels to the economic equivalent of getting a $50,000 dollar year raise.

These finding do not mean that one does not like money in their lives to help them live better and easier. Better and easier always is good. What is saying that people are happier with a good sexual relationship with one person over money. Another interesting find with this study was that having more money did not necessarily mean one was having more sex either. What the study did find was that people with higher education do tend to make more money and those with more money and education seemed to be made happier by sex.

The studied also concluded that those happiest and getting the most sex were those who were in long term monogamous marriages. Those married couples are getting sex 30 percent more than the average single person. In terms of dollars; a happy lasting marriage generates about $100,000 dollars worth of happiness a year. They also found that those couples that divorced had a decrease in happiness equivalent monetarily to $66,000 dollars less in happiness.

The other aspect to the sexual equation and being happy was having a loving relationship that included frequent touching in addition to sex. It was found that people who have sex without an emotional connection many times feel worse than before the encounter. They tend to suffer from feeling bad, depression and emptiness after meaningless sex. Touch also plays a very important part in the happiness aspect. People need a minimum of 4 hugs a day to thrive and be happy. Old people and babies who don’t have people that touch them die quicker than those that do. So in conclusion having a loving sexual relationship will make you happier than money alone. And the touch of a human is priceless.

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