Ever wanted to start organic gardening but got overwhelmed by all the information? Just start here with this book and see where this journey is taking you.

There you go, a book with everything you want to know when embarking on your Organic gardening journey.  Check the

Introduction 3
Why Garden Organically? 4
The Risk of Chemicals 7
What Is Organic Gardening? 11
Planning Your Garden 12
Getting the Soil Ready 14
Planting Your Garden 17
Starting Seeds Indoors 19
Controlling Those Weeds 22
Controlling Pests 26
Common Garden Pests 30
Making Your Own Compost 36
Tending the Garden 40
Wintering Your Garden 46
Recipes for your Organic Garden 46
Organic Fertilizer 47
Garlic Pest Control Spray 47
Dormant Oil 48
Homemade Insecticidal Soap 49
All Purpose Pest Control Spray 49
Bug Juice 49
Conclusion 50

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