Number 1 reason why goal setting doesn't work
Another year is to an end. Looking back might not always be the better idea, but perspective can be a welcome muse. This for an other day, now:

Goal setting. Things I want to accomplish. Oh be honest, it is mostly the common shit, loose weight look like a rockstar, earn amount this, travel to there, spend more time with friends and family. Yada yada yada. I could just copy paste from all the years of the last decade. Who couldn’t?

All the goals are conflicting, no way I can loose weight wile spending more time with friends and family. No way to make or save more money while travel to there and there.

So the question that might give the solution is, who do I want to become? Can I become a financial guru, with a degree in sport science, while being a nutrition geek? ..boring…

I do not want to become someone boring. I want to become stronger in many ways, while being funny, of course. Getting smarter and creating more opportunities, become wise, strong, [fill in who you want to become]

No more goals that fade long before I reach the 10th day of commitment. It just doesn’t work like that
I want to become hard to kill, financially, mentally, physically.
Get out of bed and work very day to become harder to kill.

Do not forget, that the reason most of my goals are not reached is because of enemy no 1, me. Sabotaging, blaming others for not helping me, and simply hoping and thinking somebody will come and save me. These are some of the reasons for failing.
Yep, I am the no 1 reason why goal setting doesn’t work.

So becoming hard to kill, means getting stronger myself in more than one way.

I see a lot of problems arise in other people due to what they do to them selves, while blaming others, society or the economy.
Eating too much, spending too much, laziness it is killing. Comfort makes weak, comfort kills.

That is why, I want to become hard to kill!

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