Last month writer and life experimenter extraordinaire Tim Ferriss came with his book that comes with the title
Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers.
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Given my intent to become stronger in every sense I can think of, it was a no-brainer to get this book.

If you don’t know Tim Ferriss or his blog/book the four hour workweek  please contact me immediately, as you probably just woke up from a 20 year coma or you’re from a settlement outside of civilization as we know it. Either way, you are a true case study.

It is a thick book, and although written with a lining of humor not all chapters might interest me, or you.

So what is this book about. If you want to become the best in anything, or at least get better in something, the shortest way to do so is to copy the methods of the people who got what ever you are after. Somebody said: success leaves clues.”

Now Ferris, talked and stalked over 200 people who did something worth repeating.

He did find the fooks already, interviewed them and put the interesting stuff in his book and podcasts.

That is why I keep Tools of Titans as a reference book. Like, an encyclopedia. Yes, that is what the dinosaurs used before Google came to visit this planet.

Now if I come across a problem, like fat loss, I ask:” How would Ferriss solve this?” and check the book on who or how he thinks this can be solved in the fastest manner. I see who is the expert and continue my search from there.

If that doesn’t fit my intentions, I can always go back to the conventional ways of solving an issue.

If you read the book, who got your attention?