find your purpose

Did not find your purpose of life yet? And I assume you feel the year ticking by and probably you feel lost and need a direction or a compelling reason to jump out of your bed every single morning. Well you got it, and I will tell you your purpose if you did not find your calling yet.

If you did find it already but you do not feel satisfied by it, feel free to use this one.
To be honest I did not find my purpose anywhere, and I looked every where. By now I am expiring faster that my purpose will. And I am okay with the purpose that I am using already for a great number of years.

Actually I have 2, just depends on my mood.

My purpose, my drive to get out of bed, and yours too, is
to sleep well.

Ha simple, isn’t it? To sleep well. What is that? What does it mean? Go to bed early, take pills, booze or any other stimulant to pass out?The last options will not promote your sleep or your health.

To sleep well, means, to have done well during the day. To feel a bit tired from working, to feel satisfied of the progress that you have been made. And also the things you have done that prevent disaster tomorrow. ( pay bills in time, check the oil in the car, batteries of the fire alarm, you know the small stuff that f*cks up a good day).

What helps me sleep very well is the knowledge, I hold no grudge toward anybody or anything. I never mean to do harm, not only to my self, but also to others.
My conscious is clear, no need to look over my shoulder for some reason. No fear any of my lies come out, as I know I am a terrible liar, so I stopped with that early in life. I feel safe, and therefor I am save.

I work hard to stay out of financial problems that might keep me up at night. My health is for this moment a blessing and during the day I do what is in my power to stay healthy.

So go to bed early, have a good sleep. In order to jump out of bed in the early morning, to do everything in your power to sleep well the coming night!

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