Harvey Specter Suits

Harvey Spector. He has a point. The things we do for others. Sometimes with discard of our own needs. It is made into a virtue. But it does not work on airplanes. When those oxygen mask come out.

In order to save somebody, you have to save your self first.

In order to love some one, love your self even so. Listen to your needs, your fears, your obsessions, your desires and love them.

In self love, you might also find forgiveness for yourself. That is good. We all fuck up at some point. We will get to a point that we just do not care about an aspect of life or care for anything at all. I’ve been there. Forgive yourself you got fat, lazy, shouted to your kids, or what ever you misinterpreted. Point is, love yourself, forgive and be better for it.

Do and be better a little bit everyday. Why? Because you love your self. Not because you have to from an ego whispering in your are you are not good enough. Or even worse, you will be loved and liked by others if you lose 50 pound, become father of the year. Life will be so much better if you just.. that is plain BS. Nobody really cares about you that way. They are to busy listening to their ego, pleasing whom ever for their likes.

Love yourself now. For all the pounds you are.

In amidst of screaming teenagers who say terrible things. They do that. It is part of them growing up.
Take a deep breath and love yourself.

Life will change, just by acknowledging the love you have for yourself. By choosing to do the best for your self.

It might sound counter honorable. But it is the only way to beat ego and to be thrown at the likes of other to feel good.
Unbeatable mind master Mark Divine said it best, to leave ego outside the door when starting the journey of becoming a NAVY SEAL.

I like warriors, the older ones, the new ones. They all come from a place they have mastered inside of them. In their minds and hearts. They love themselves and do everything to choose to become a better warrior. To protect and to serve those who need.

Love yourself, right now, here. Think about what a fantastic human you are.

Please share this with some one who can use the love.


About Mark Divine see this link

read the books The way of the SEAL and Unbeatable mind. (I have no affiliation, pure affection 🙂  )