The take away: Do good, be good, stay good.

I hear her say it, my breath stocked…

“I’m ordering pizza. I think I deserved that after a work out like this.”

I wonder what that means, to deserve a cookie, or some sort of rubbish.

If you choose to eat it, okay, fine. Just please do not justify your moment of bad judgement, because you deserve it. Filling yourself with junk food because you deserve it after a day or hour of hard work. Nobody deserved that, ever!

Who, in it’s right mind deserves, crap after good work? You deserve a treat, sure.  Or a break.

It just sounds counter intuitive. Doing good to deserve bad.
After doing good and hard work, a decent rest or rejuvenating massage sounds like a better plan.


Do good, be good, stay good. All day, every day.

  • Side note 1: not all pizzas are created equal. Some are made with goodness and love. Unfortunately, not all. Choose wisely.
  • Side note 2: no pizza was hurt or damaged during the writing and editing of this post.