Life lessons of an old lady.


Every life comes with wisdom. It is up to the beholder of that life to let it go to waste or find a voice and a medium to give wings to the wisdom and hope it will land in good hands.

Your hands seem just fine to me.

Confuturius, The mission,
I made a point in my life to be strong in all following faculties.

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually
  • Mentally
  • Financially


The hope and the dream,
That you, my reader, take the time, the effort and endure the sweat and the tears to improve these skills of lifeĀ  and create the positive ripple effect in your environment.

Be like the cells in your body that life by trembling positive beats, so the next cells get an up beat mood from you!
(writing this actually made me cry)

Full disclosure
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Last word

I could kick you in the butt with 1 hand holding my glass of Merlot. Even now in my 90’s [editor, can we put a winking yellow face here?]