The kids made this painting of me. I kind of like it.
I’m old, I’m grumpy and I laugh every day. I could kick you in the butt with 1 hand holding my glass of Merlot.


Confuturius, The mission,
Reach as many as possible people who want to educated them selves about getting stronger.

i could use the term I can make you richer, but that is not what I mean in the finance department.


I want to be strong in all faculties.

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • spiritually
  • mentally
  • financially


The hope and the dream,
That you, my reader, take the time, the effort and endure the sweat and the tears to improve these skills of lifeĀ  and create the positive ripple effect in your environment.

Be like the cells in your body that life by trembling positive beats, so the next cells get an up beat mood from you!
(writing this actually made me cry)

Full disclosure
Although a lot of content comes for free, also over here food has to come on the table, obviously.
Income will be generated by delivering valuable content to receive your donations.
by selling books and programs of outstanding quality.