Dept reductionWorking out the right financial debt reduction plan to help you get out of debt can be tricky. Everyone seems to have all kinds of advice and they’re all convinced their method is best. How can you know which one is the right one to help you?

The problem with most financial debt reduction plans is that they don’t take into account your own unique financial situation. Only you have your level of income and expenses combined with your current debt balances. Your circumstances aren’t the same as anyone else, so why would you assume that a method that helped someone else with their financial difficulties will help you too? Work on a method that suits your own goals and your personal financial situation.

Before You Begin

Before you begin working on a debt reduction plan, ask yourself why you want to reduce your debts. You need to have a clear goal and a defined purpose in order to maintain the level of motivation you need to become debt free.

Think about how much of your hard-earned income you’ll have left over each week if you didn’t have to hand over so much of it to banks and credit card companies. What would you do with that extra money? Your answers to these questions will form the base of your own motivation.

Spending Habits

Most financial debt reduction tips begin by saying you should work out a budget and then scrimp and save and generally live like a pauper. This is the surest way to lose motivation and end up getting nowhere when you realize you’re not enjoying anything.

Instead, take a careful look at your own spending habits. Understand how you got into such a huge amount of debt in the first place. Did you buy a home that was too expensive for you? Is your car far too big and uneconomical for your needs? Are you the type of person who needs to have all the latest electronic gadgets the moment they’re released whether you can afford them or not?

There is a reason why your debts are mounting up and becoming uncontrollable. Take a careful look at your current lifestyle and how much it costs to maintain your standard of living today. In order to become debt free, you first need to fix your spending leaks. This means finding the discipline to stop charging anything else on your credit cards and only buying those things you have the cash to afford.


Financial debt reduction can’t begin while your finances are cluttered, messy and disorganized. Spend some time working through an accurate picture of your total income after tax, your realistic expenses and your current repayments. Then work through some ways to reduce your costs.

This should include working on ways to reduce any repayments or interest charges on outstanding debts, avoiding penalty fees and finding ways to cut back the amount you spend on other living expenses.

Once you’re found the right level of motivation to become debt free and you’re de-cluttered your financial mess, you’ll find that working on a realistic plan for financial debt reduction will be much easier.

Books on getting out of dept and dept management:
Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
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