Rethinking Anxiety

The other day I was watching National Geographic. The documentaries are so much better in details and color now, than in the days that Jacques Cousteau was still the number one. It made me again realize how much further we got as a whole in filming animals in their habitat. …

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How I deal with grief


In my life so far, I had my fair share of grief. Losing some one dear is what caused a hole in my heart every time. That feeling, crumbles me to do nothing else than to fall on the floor crying. Thinking I will die from pain. Besides the hole …

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Ego vs love

Harvey Specter Suits

Harvey Spector. He has a point. The things we do for others. Sometimes with discard of our own needs. It is made into a virtue. But it does not work on airplanes. When those oxygen mask come out. In order to save somebody, you have to save your self first. …

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What is your kryptonite?


If you are on your journey of becoming strong, in all possible ways, your body, financially, and mentally, you will find what indeed makes you a stronger person. But that is not enough, you also have to look deep into your self and figure out what makes you weaker, what …

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Lower back pain

lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability, which is supported by the statistics that in every 10 individual, eight may be showing signs of the condition. Paradoxically, the extent of pain has nothing to do with the intensity of damage afflicted on the patient. Unlike with …

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